Introduction / Background


Lahore Islamabad Motorway (M-2) holds a revolutionary significance in Pakistan’s road network. It was ranked among the Asia’s top road networks after completion in the year 1998. MORE is responsible for the maintenance and renovation of M-2 according to Motorway M-2 Rehabilitation and Modernization Plan since 2014.

Purpose of Establishment / Project Plan


-> To turn M-2 into a world class road network by meeting international standards.
-> Operate M-2 according to international practices for the next twenty years.

Work Scope


-> Rehabilitate M-2 to ensure high quality driving standards.
-> Modernize the Existing Commuting Facilities.
-> Enhance existing structures and facilities to improve travelling.
-> Offering economic, rest and recreation facilities along M-2.

MORE & NHA’s Concession Agreement


The project planning was done according to the international guidelines. MORE has been successfully taking care of M-2’s project planning and development for the last 3 years. Toll rates are subjected to 10% yearly increase to compensate the development cost according to the agreement.