Free Ambulance Call 130 (M2-Help Line for Ambulance)

MORE (Pvt) Ltd. is striving its level best to ensure the highest safety standards of highway operations at Motorway M-2. Therefore to cope up with any untoward accident MORE has placed top of the line Ambulances at several locations. These Ambulances provide swift and efficient Emergency Medical services to the commuters of M 2 and are located at the following locations:

  • Response Time: 20-25 Mins
  • Distance Available: 20-30 Kms
  • MTP Ravi
  • Kala Shah Kaku
  • Old Main Camp
  • Skp Camp
  • K/Dogran Camp
  • Sukheki Svc Area (S)
  • Sukheki Svc Area (N)
  • Kot Sarwar
  • P/Bhattian
  • Sial Mor Svc Area (S)
  • Sial Mor Svc Area (N)
  • Kot Momin
  • Bhera Camp
  • Bhera Svc Area (S)
  • Bhera Svc Area (N)
  • Lilla
  • Sumble
  • Kallar Kahar Svc Area (S)
  • Kallar Kahar Svc Area (N)
  • Balkasar
  • Chakri Svc Area (S)
  • Chakri Svc Area (N)
  • Islamabad
  • Thallian