Bhera Service Area (South Bound)

Motorway Service Area Bhera (South) at M2 lies at a distance of 197 Kms. It is located next to the historical city of Bhera which is a Tehsil of District Sargodha. ‘Jhelum River’ is just 4 Kms away from Bhera Service Area South.



Bhera’s Climate (South) is classified as warm and temperate. It receives a good deal of rainfall in summers but a little less in winters.

  • Average temperature: 21.7 °C
  • Average rainfall: 783 mm

Personnel In-Charge

For Help,Complaints & Suggestions


Mohsin Khan

Deputy Manager

0322 4772070


Engr. Mohsin Atta

Assistant Manager

0336 6092524


Umer Saleem

Assistant Manager

0345 5775497

Restrooms (South)

Commuters are provided with two restroom options

Public Restrooms

Public restrooms are equipped with basic toilet facilities and can be used free of cost.

Air Conditioned Restrooms

Air Conditioned restrooms offer facilities such as scented environment, heating, air contioning, hand dryers and hand sanitizers. A nominal fee of Rs 50/- per person is charged and restrooms are washed and cleaned immediately after use.



Air Conditioned Mosque is located at Behra MSA (South) to assist commuters regarding prayers. Mosque comprise of:

  • A Separate Praying Area for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate Ablution Facility for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate and clean restrooms for both ladies and gents.

Food Area

Commuters can enjoy food while travelling on M-2. Bhera MSA (South) offers a combination of international and local food points such as :

    Heaven Food Court

Auto Repair Workshop

Auto Repair Workshop is also set up at Bhera (South) to aid commuters in vehicle emergency situations. MORE offers special Mobile workshops to offer free service in case of vehicle accidents. Call 130 M-2 Helpline Number for mobile recovery services.


Refuelling Stations with Mart

  • Petrol, Diesel & CNG are accessible at MSAs.
  • Three commonly used types of Petroleum include Ron 92, Ron 95, Ron 97.
  • MORE also offers 1 Rupee discount in the fuel price at all stations according to Ogra rates.
  • Hascol Stations also have electronic vending machines for cold drinks and snacks.
  • Free oil check and free air check facility available.
  • Restrooms are also available beside CMart at Hascol Stations.

M-Tag Recharge


M-Tag Recharge is available at Bhera MSA (South) to aid commuters in checking and recharging their balance.



ATM Kiosks are available across all MSAs including Bhera (South) to offer basic banking services.


Sher Shah Suri Mosque


Mosque believed to have been built by Sher Shah Suri in 1541, the year that is inscribed on the entrance, has also been renovated. The mosque has three domes and arched entrances. But this mosque is entirely different from the one built by Sher Shah Suri at Rohtas which is noted for its intricate decoration.

Distance From Bhera Interchange – 5Km

Time To Visit:- 06:00am - 5:00pm


Khewra Salt Mine


Khewra city famous for having world’s second largest salt mines (Khewra Salt Mines) is located in District Jhelum of province Punjab, Pakistan. The city is situated about 200 kilometres (124 miles) from Islamabad and 245 kilometres (152 miles) from the city of Lahore. Khewra Salt Mines are located 945 feet (288 meters) above sea level. The mountains containing Khewra Salt Mines are part of mineral-rich mountain range called Salt Range. Total length of Salt Range is 300Km (186 miles), extending from Beganwala near River Jhelum to Kalabagh near River Sindh. Width of Salt Range varies between 8 kilometres to 30 kilometres.

Distance From Lillah Interchange- 32Km

Time To Visit:- 06:00am - 6:00pm

Phone : 0544 231137


Bhera Service Area Map (South Bound)

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