Chakri Service Area (North Bound)

Motorway Service Area (MSAs) Chakri is one of the biggest service areas on M2. Located in District Rawalpindi, it is the last point from Lahore towards Islamabad. MSA Chakri North is 316 Kms from Ravi toll plaza. New upcoming Islamabad international airport is at a distance of 15 Kms from MSA Chakri (North). MSA Chakri would be the most preferred service area in near future due to its location. It will also have the highest commuter’s stop over ratio as compared to the other MSAs.



Cold in Winters and Hot in Summers. Receives a lot of rainfall compared to other service areas.

  • Max Temperature 40
  • Min Temperature 10

Personnel In-Charge

For Help,Complaints & Suggestions


Qazzafi Asad

Deputy Manager

0346 9150002


Faisal Hassan

Assistant Manager

0331 6818034

Restrooms (South)

Two types of restrooms are available at Chakri to accommodate commuters:

Public Restrooms

Public Restrooms can be used without any payment. Facilities include:

  • Hygienic Environment
  • Clean Toilets with Muslim Showers
  • Hand Soap

Air Conditioned Restrooms

Air Conditioned Restrooms as the name suggests offer services similar to 5 Star hotel only at a nominal fee of Rs 50/- per person. Restrooms are well maintained and are cleaned immediately after use. Facilities include:

  • Perfumed Environment
  • Heating and Air Conditioning
  • Hand Dryers
  • Sanitized Toilets with Muslim Showers


Air Conditioned Mosques with a separate praying hall and ablution facility for ladies and gents are accessible at all the MSAs to help commuters offer their prayers without any difficulty.

  • Clean, Well Maintained & Separate Praying Halls for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate Ablution Area for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate and clean restrooms for both ladies and gents.

Food Area

Commuters travelling on M-2 can enjoy traditional, continental and fast food services at Chakri (North) Service Area. Famous names include:

  • Mezbaan Resturant

Trucker Restaurants

Trucker Restaurants with a traditional ambience and food taste are also setup separately to cater to the needs of truck drivers.


Auto Repair Workshop

Auto Repair workshops are set up at all MSAs to facilitate commuters in case of emergency situations. We have also got Mobile workshops to offer auto repair facility at the commuter’s exact location. The service can be reached by calling M-2 Helpline 130.

Tyre Shops


Chakri (North) Tyre Shops offer air pressure check up and tyre replacement facility.

Tyre shops are available at all MSAs. Services include:

  • Air Pressure check
  • Tyre Replacement

Refuelling Stations

  • Petrol, Diesel & CNG are accessible at MSAs.
  • Three commonly used types of Petroleum include Ron 92, Ron 95, Ron 97.
  • MORE also offers 1 Rupee discount in the fuel price at all stations according to Ogra rates.
  • Hascol Stations also have electronic vending machines for cold drinks and snacks.
  • Free oil check and free air check facility available.
  • Restrooms are also available beside CMart at Hascol Stations.

M-Tag Recharge


Commuters can recharge their balance through M-Tag Recharge established at all MSAs. This helps in speeding up the toll payment process.

Shopping Facility


Crescent Bahuman has a factory outlet at Chakri MSA (North) where commuters can shop for jeans and T-shirts at factory rates.


Chakri Service Area Map (North Bound)

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