Chakri Service Area (South Bound)

Chakri is one of the biggest service areas on M2. Located in District Rawalpindi. It is the first point from Islamabad towards Lahore. MSA Chakri (South) lies at a distance of 35 KMS from Islamabad toll plaza and 15 KMS from the upcoming new Islamabad International Airport. Due to its location MSA Chakri will be the most preferred service area in near future.



Cold in Winters and Hot in Summers. Receives a lot of rainfall compared to other service areas.

  • Max Temperature 40
  • Min Temperature 10

Personnel In-Charge

For Help,Complaints & Suggestions

Restrooms (South)


Clean and Sanitized Restrooms are accessible at all the MSAs including Chakri. There are two types of restrooms available:

Public Restrooms

Public Restrooms are available for use without any payment and are located beside CMart. They include all the basic washroom facilities such as clean toilets & hand soaps.

Air Conditioned Restrooms

Air Conditioned Restrooms offer high-quality facilities similar to Five Star hotels at a nominal fee of Rs. 50 per person. Facilities include clean toilets with muslim showers, hand dryers, sanitizers, heating, air conditioning and scented ambience. The restrooms are washed/cleaned immediately after use to avoid bad odour. These restrooms are located at the backside of Hashmart. This makes them a perfect option for commuters who want to get ready for business or family functions.



Air Conditioned Mosques are located on M-2 at all MSAs. A few highlights include:

  • Clean, Well Maintained & Separate Praying Halls for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate Ablution Area for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate and clean restrooms for both ladies and gents.

Food Area

International and local food chains offer fresh and mouth-watering pakistani as well as international cuisines to accommodate the taste of all commuters. Famous Food point at Chakri (South) includes Rahat , Vintade and Fairy Meadows.


Trucker Restaurants

Trucker Restaurants with a traditional ambience and food taste are also setup separately to cater to the needs of truck drivers. Famous names include Mezbaan.


Auto Repair Workshop

M2 is equipped with auto repair workshops at all the MSAs to offer vehicle repair and maintenance services. Mobile workshops are also available to offer free vehicle recovery services by reaching the nearest workshop location. You can avail mobile workshop facility by calling M-2 Helpline 130.

Tyre Shops


Tyre Shops offer services such as air pressure check, tyre puncture replacement along with some other small vehicle repair issues. It is located beside the autorepair workshop.


Refuelling Stations

  • Petrol, Diesel & CNG are accessible at MSAs.
  • Three commonly used types of Petroleum include Ron 92, Ron 95, Ron 97.
  • MORE also offers 1 Rupee discount in the fuel price at all stations according to Ogra rates.
  • Hascol Stations also have electronic vending machines for cold drinks and snacks.
  • Free oil check and free air check facility available.
  • Restrooms are also available beside CMart at Hascol Stations.

M-Tag Recharge


M-Tag Recharge Facility is available at all the MSAs to let commuters check and recharge their accounts in advance for a smooth and improved toll payment process.

Shopping Facility


Chakri(South) MSA includes a handicraft gift shop from where you can buy Pakistani arts and crafts for your friends and family.


Chakri Service Area Map (South Bound)

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