Resolve to Build


To deliver an effective road network & transport system that contributes to economic growth, project sustainability for Pakistan and to discover new business opportunities, identify sources of competitive advantage, develop winning strategies for continuous growth.


To deliver an effective road network & transport system that contributes to economic growth, project sustainability for Pakistan.
To develop horticulture industry on both sides of motorway (M-2) in a specified pattern enhancing beautification, reducing emissions, providing environmental benefits.
To transform existing service areas at (M-2) into a state of the art facility and generate business opportunities for growth & prosperity.

Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

ITS applies advanced technologies of electronic communications (such as computers, control, sensing & detection) in all transportation systems to improve safety and efficiency standards. The entire process is done through real time transmission of current traffic situation.

Emergency Roadside Telephone System & CCTVs

Emergency Roadside Telephone System are set up throughout M-2 for assistance in case of an emergency situation. The ERTs are also equipped with CCTVs and are located at an average distance of 2 KMS from each other. CCTV cameras help in monitoring traffic surveillance 24/7 to aid commuters regarding navigation, health and vehicle recovery problems.

Our system helps us to track your location. This helps to bring you help at the right time.

Emergency Situations

In emergency situations such as political sit-ins, strike and natural disasters, our help teams are available to facilitate commuters. Recently our staff present at MSAs has helped the passengers travelling on M-2 during the Labaik Ya RasoolAllah Operation.

Control Centres (Camps)

Our control centres are located at 3 locations: Bhera, Thallian & Sheikhupura. All the 130 Helpline requests are directed to these camps who further process them to offer the required assistance. Video monitoring data captured from the CCTVs is available at all 3 camp locations.

Contact Nos:

Thallian Camp- 0336-1006259
Bhera Camp- 0336-1006267
Shiekhupura Camp-0336-1006298

Radio Station:

A separate Radio Station is established at FM 89.4 to entertain passengers.

Weigh Stations

Weigh Stations are setup at the start/exit of every interchange to weigh heavy vehicles such as trucks through weigh in motion technology. Weigh in Motion makes the weighing process efficient as the vehicle does not need to come to a stop. The purpose of these stations is to disallow the entrance of trucks beyond a specific weight.