Shah Sharaf Sharif

Shah Sharaf Sharif (1640–1724) is a famous Punjabi Sufi Poet, who wrote his work in Kafi style. He also wrote Dohras, and Shuturnama. (Chiniot)


Chenab River

Chenab is one of the "five rivers" of the Punjab, 960 km long, rising in the Pakistan's state of Punjab and flowing North West through the Kashmir Himalayas, then South West through to join the River. The waters of the Chenab are allocated to Pakistan under the terms of the Indus Waters Treaty.

Distance approx from Sial Interchange – 8Km


Ahmadpur Sial

Is a city in Jhang District in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It lies just a few kilometers from the Chenab River. It is a highly agricultural area, with wheat, rice, Citrus/ orange and sugar cane being the major crops.


Popular Sugar Mill

Popular Sugar Mills Limited is a public limited company, incorporated in 1991-1992 to undertake Sugar and Allied business. The Mill is located in ideal place which is surrounded by significantly rich cultivation land in term of sugarcane. Due to its significant location, mill has great Logistic support in all time, as it is just a side with Motorway near Chowk Sial Motorway Makhdoom Interchange District Sargodha.

Distance approx from Sial Interchange – 2Km


Govt High School Ahmedpur Sial

Govt High School Ahmedpur Sial has been very instrumental in terms of imparting high caliber education to students in Ahmedpur Sial and neighborhood and generated many scholars in myriad of fields.


Shrines nearby Sial

1. Sia Looday Shah Faqeer (chak Khana)

2. Sai Jala (Jan Muhammady)

3. Sai Rooday Sultan (Gurna Pathana Da)

4. Samo Wali Darbar

Kabadi Mela held every year at Gajjara Wala Sial

Cattle Market Mela every Saturday held at sial more at reasonable price

Sial Land is famous for production of citreous and sugarcane, Barley, Wheat & water Melon
Sial is neat clean place to rest and break journey to fresh up for the remaining journey. Quality food items especially the Chicken Handi, Desi Murgh and fresh milk tea is very good in quality as commuter’s used to take it during travelling.