Sukheki Service Area (North Bound)

Sukheki Motorway Service Area – North is located at a distance of 17 km from Sukheki Mandi, about 100 Kms from Lahore and approximately 30 Kms from the Hafizabad District. The area is blessed with fertile soil to allow cultivation of high quality rice. Hiran Minar is located at a distance of 48 Kms from the service area near District Sheikhupura.



Climate is hot in summers and moderate cold in winters.

  • Average Hot Temperature: 34 °C
  • Average Cold Temperature: 12.1 °C

Personnel In-Charge

For Help,Complaints & Suggestions


Fahad Paracha

Deputy Manager

0346 9777555


Abdul Rehman

Assistant Manager

0301 8225880


Tanveer Kamran

Assistant Manager

0306 2129398

Restrooms (North)

Sukhekhi (North) offers two types of restrooms.

Public Restrooms

  • Offer basic toilet facilities
  • Free of charge

Air Conditioned Restrooms

  • Provide a high-end environment
  • Costs Rs 50/- per person
  • Facilities include heating, air conditioning, hand sanitizers and hand dryers


Air Conditioned Mosque is located at Sukhekhi MSA (North) to assist commuters in establishing prayers. Mosque features:

  • Separate Praying Hall for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate Ablution Facility for Ladies & Gents
  • Separate and clean restrooms for both ladies and gents.

Food Area

Commuters can enjoy mouth-watering food at both local and international cuisines at the following food areas on Sukhekhi MSA (North):

    Pehalwan Reweri

Auto Repair Workshop

Auto Repair Workshop is accessible at Sukhekhi (North) to solve vehicle issues. Mobile workshop facility is available free of cost to deal with emergency situations such as vehicle accident. Other free services include air pressure checkup and tyre puncture at tyre shop.


Children Play Area

There is a children playarea where families with kids can spend quality time during their travel on Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The playarea is clean, wellmaintained and free of cost.


CNG Station

CNG station under the name of MCOC is also available at Sukhekhi North to facilitate commuters on Motorway M-2.


Refuelling Stations

  • Petrol, Diesel & CNG are accessible at MSAs.
  • Three commonly used types of Petroleum include Ron 92, Ron 95, Ron 97.
  • MORE also offers 1 Rupee discount in the fuel price at all stations according to Ogra rates.
  • Hascol Stations also have electronic vending machines for cold drinks and snacks.
  • Free oil check and free air check facility available.
  • Restrooms are also available beside CMart at Hascol Stations.

M-Tag Recharge


M-Tag recharge is available at Sukhekhi MSA (North) to facilitate commuters.


Shopping Facility

Crescent Bahuman has a factory outlet at Sukhekhi MSA (North) where commuters can shop for jeans and T-shirts at factory rates.


Sukheki Service Area Map (North Bound)

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