Travel Tips & Vehicle Maintenance


Have your vehicle checked by a technician.


Check tires monthly for tread wear. Make sure all tires are properly inflated.


Check the coolant level and condition.

Belts & Hoses

Look for worn, cracked, blistered or soft belts and hoses.


Have it tested by a qualified technician.


Check the level and condition of the engine oil.

Travel Planning & Road Side Safety

Emergency Kit

Carry an emergency First Aid Kit.


Lock your car when you leave it and keep your valuables out of sight.


Don't let the gas level get below one-quarter of a tank.

Buckle Up

Wearing a seat belt will double your chances of surviving a serious crash.

Take Breaks

Make sure to take regular breaks in order to saty alert.

Slow Down

Keep the speed within the limits.

Accident/Vehicle Breakdown

Use near by road side telephones and look up towards CCTV cameras to seek help.